Effective change management requires communication, reciprocity and personal growth. Arbor Consulting gives shape to this with a proven strategy: Listen, Learn, Lead & Repeat.



Practical information

Practical information


Change starts with listening. Listening is not just hearing what the other party in the conversation has to say.  Listening well requires full attention and focus on the other person, to receive without judging directly. From employees to management, from client to supervisor: ensure that all stakeholders are seen and heard. Many solutions are already present in or around the organisation. The art is to offer space for this, even if these are different views.


Learning is more than just following a course. Committed employees always keep developing themselves, for example through interaction with others, successes or setbacks. Involvement starts with ownership, with bearing responsibility. Arbor Consulting stands for change management at all levels: transfer responsibility, dare to delegate and offer room for initiative. Learning is doing.


If you yourself are not honest, transparent, reliable and have expertise, how can you expect this from others? At Arbor Consulting, we therefore emphatically promote these core values. For interim management, this means leading by example: we are present on the floor, involved at all levels and take the lead in the battle. You don't change anything from the side lines.


Listen - Learn - Lead is a cycle that thrives on repetition. Stay in touch, stay in conversation, stay alert. Discover the power of continuity.

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